Frequently Asked Questions

When I sign up, why do you ask so many personal questions?2023-03-02T23:32:34-05:00

Behind the scenes, we look for CareHerd users whose Care Receivers have similar needs. Identifying these similarities allows us to make better recommendations to everyone on helpful articles or questions you may want to ask your loved one’s doctors. We never share your personal information with anyone outside of your Care Team, and we make all recommendations anonymously.

How will I know when someone on my Care Team adds or changes data?2023-03-02T23:33:04-05:00

CareHerd notifies you anytime someone on your Care Team adds or changes data under your Care Receiver. You can view the updates by tapping the notifications button on the bottom bar in the app (the bell icon).

What type of documents can I save in CareHerd?2023-03-02T23:33:48-05:00

You can store almost any type of electronic document in CareHerd. This includes:

  • PDF downloads and scanned PDFs (like lab results or prescription lists)
  • Pictures (of health insurance cards, loved ones, etc.)
  • Audio files and recordings (of doctors visits, chats with family members, etc.)
Can I share my Care Receiver’s data with others?2023-03-02T23:34:13-05:00

Yes! That’s our purpose. CareHerd allows you to share information with anyone on your Care Team to help your Care Receiver. The more you share, the more you care!

What’s a Care Team?2022-08-03T17:30:56-04:00

Your Care Team is your team of caregivers that have come together to care for your loved one. You can currently add unlimited team members to your Care Team in addition to yourself as the single Primary Caregiver.

What’s a Care Receiver?2023-03-02T23:34:43-05:00

Your Care Receiver is your loved one for whom you’re providing care. You can add as many care receiver accounts as needed.

Further Questions?

The CareHerd team is committed to continuous improvement of our app and the user experience. If you cannot find an answer to your question, please reach out to us. Have an idea for an improvement? Share that, too!

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