By Megan Christiana
Healthcare Solutions Consultant, Garnet River

Photo of Megan Christiana, who shares her family caregiving experience.

Megan Christiana

In the upcoming weeks, I’ll guide us through a journey exploring the diverse perspectives of caregivers. But before we embark on this exploration together, I want to share why caregiving resonates so deeply with me.

I’ve been incredibly fortunate to grow up in a sprawling, close-knit family. With my mom being one of seven siblings and fourteen cousins in tow, our bonds run deep. When my Nana’s health began to falter, our family rallied around her with unwavering support, especially when she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease.

She found a loving home with one of my aunts and her family, a gesture we’ll forever cherish. Each of her children took turns accompanying her to doctor’s appointments, while her grandchildren spent cherished moments by her side throughout the day. One of my fondest memories is taking her out for her favorite treat – ice cream.

While my family’s dedication was unwavering, navigating the caregiving journey wasn’t without its challenges. The group chat, the hub of communication, often became a whirlwind of updates and exchanges. Yet, amidst the chaos, vital information sometimes slipped through the cracks.

Coordinating care through text messages proved to be more of a headache than a solution, leaving us feeling disorganized and sometimes overwhelmed.

Witnessing my family navigate the complexities of caregiving opened my eyes to a world I hadn’t fully understood. Since then, it’s become a passion of mine, driving me to delve deeper into its intricacies and nuances.

I like to think that my Nana would be happy to see that watching what her and my family had to go through has led me down this path in life. It’s a testament to the love and care that surrounded her, and I hope to honor her legacy by advocating for better support and understanding for caregivers everywhere.

Megan Christiana is Healthcare Solutions Consultant for Garnet River. She can be reached at

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